13 March 2020

Fitness Trends: What is Gyrotonic?

Every month it seems like there is a new fitness trend out there that people are claiming is the best way to get into shape and maintain your health. One of the fitness trends that is being seen is called gyrotonic. Is this a trend that you could get on board with?

What is Gyrotonic?

Ultimately, gyrotonic is all about using motions that you are using everyday. Consider this, if you lift weights you are doing this in a certain form. However, in everyday life when do you use this motion for putting up groceries or even sitting at a desk? The idea behind gyrotonic is to use elements of swimming, tai chi, yoga and dance to create a workout that is going to encourage fluid motion while helping you to become healthier.

Gyrotonic Machine

A gyrotonic machine is going to be one of those machines that intimidates you...that is for sure. Since this workout trend utilizes the natural movements found in swimming, dance, yoga and tai chi, there are tons of pulleys and cables that are going to be connected to a gyrotonic machine. However, once you get the hang of this, you will find that this provides a great workout that is going to help you feel more confident in everything that you do every day.

Benefits of Gyrotonic Workout

One of the biggest reasons that people enjoy this workout so much is the mind and body benefits that this gives you, just as if you were doing yoga, without having to stay still. In fact, this is all about the emotion. It can make people feel more intertwined with their workout rather than focusing on the troubles that they have in their mind. It can give them a good 30 minutes or one hour reprieve from real life...which is a huge benefit.

However, in terms of benefits, many of people find that this helps with:

  • Improving their posture
  • Helping to reduce bloating
  • Reducing waist lines
  • Increasing core strength which eliminates pain in the back
  • Helps to focus the mind
  • Builds long and leaner muscles than other exercises

The benefits alone is one of the reasons that this fitness trend is becoming so popular. With the science and benefits that are backing this, chances are you are going to find out about gyrotonic workouts for a while, and they just may be what you need!

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