13 November 2020

3 Delicious Things You Can Prepare with a Waffle Iron

Do you have a waffle iron that is just sitting in your pantry closet? Many people do. They rarely use them unless they are wanting to prepare waffles, and even then they often purchase the frozen waffles and go about their day. However, before you decide to donate that waffle iron to someone who may actually use it, you need to remember that you can make more than waffles with a waffle iron. And you may be surprised at how healthy these options can be.

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Who doesn’t love a grilled sandwich, otherwise known as a panini. With a panini, you are going to find that you can use whatever meats and cheeses that you want, you can even veggies into this to make it unique and built to your personal tastes. You will want to place the bread with the toppings, and then the other slice of bread and press it into the waffle maker. How long you leave this in the waffle maker is really up to you, depending upon how grilled you like this to be.

Baked Apples

If you love baked apples, then you will find that the waffle iron is a much easier way to fix these and it takes half the time. You will want to heat the waffle iron to high. Then slice the apples, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon now, or you can wait until they are done. Place them onto the waffle iron, lower the top and then cook until soft and golden about 2 to 5 minutes.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is a great addition to a salad, or on its own with a dipping sauce. You will find that grilling chicken outside is not always in the cards depending on the weather. However, you can get that grilled taste with a waffle iron at home. Lightly coat the sides of the waffle iron to prevent the chicken from sticking. Then place the chicken onto the waffle iron and shut the lid. From there, you will cook this until it is done. This will depend upon how thick the chicken is. Most people who do this often use chicken tenders since they take less time to cook.

So, before you toss out that waffle iron, be sure to check out just all the ways that you can use a waffle iron to fix lunch or dinner.

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