31 December 2019

Chicken Over Rice Recipes You Must Try

For those who are trying to eat healthier, chicken and rice is one of those dishes that is commonly highly recommend. Why is this? For one, this is an easy dish to make, and you can make it as healthy as you desire. Two, this is a dish that most people will like, even those who are picky eaters. With these two aspects in mind, there are several alterations that you can make to simple chicken and rice to make something that is going to be a culinary masterpiece.

Chicken Rice Bowl Recipes and More

For those who want to spruce up a simple chicken over rice recipe, then these are the recipes that you are going to want to try out!

Honey Baked Chicken over Lemon Rice


  • Chicken tenders or breasts, your choice
  • Honey
  • Salt/Pepper
  • 2 Lemons
  • Rice
  • Butternut Squash, cut up into chunks

Take lean chicken and drizzle with honey, salt and pepper, then bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes or until done. Meanwhile, fix your rice as you normally would. Once you have drained the rice, take one lemon and drizzle the juice from this over the rice and let sit. After your chicken is done, sit aside and cut up some butternut squash. Steam or boil this until it is tender and ready to eat, drizzle with some lemon juice. Add the rice to a dish, put the chicken on top and then add some butternut squash around the chicken. Voila! Add salt or pepper to taste as you wish!

Grilled Chicken Rice Stir Fry


  • Grilled chicken pieces
  • Rice
  • Steamed veggies, found in a bag that can be fixed in your microwave

This is one recipe that is perfect for those who are on the go! Take grilled chicken that you can find at the grocery, read to microwave and eat. Cook this as recommended. Go ahead and cook the rice as this is recommended, while you are steaming some mixed veggies. Once all this is done, take a bowl and combine all the ingredients. You can sprinkle on a little garlic or just salt to add some taste and enjoy! It is a great chicken and rice bowl meal that is done in a few minutes!

When it comes to chicken and rice, any recipe you have can be switched up however you want to add more flavor. For example, add some soy sauce into these dishes for an Asian fusion or even add a can of cream of chicken soup for something that is much richer!

Photo by Baiq Daling on Unsplash

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