Have you been looking for a diet plan that is going to get you results?

Any diet plan that is mentioned on this site is one that has shown to be a great option for a person if they are looking to lose weight or just get healthy. And with all the choices, you can choose the one that best suits what you like to eat.

FoodProtein-rich vegetables: here are the best ones

You may not even consider vegetables when you think of protein, but you do in fact have many protein-rich vegetables available to meet your…

FoodAcai bowl calories: here is what you should know

‘is this too good to be true?!’. In this article we will talk about what you should know about acai bowl calories. The primary ingredient is…

Food5 Filling low-calorie snacks

Do you love snacks and want to know which options you can go for that are satisfying, low-calorie and fill you up? If you have recently had…

FoodNegative calorie food: here is all you need to know

Have you seen or heard about the debate of negative calorie foods and wondered ‘what are negative calorie foods’ or even ‘do negative…

Food5 low carb vegetarian diet recipes

At one point or another, everyone hits a wall with their meal planning where they feel stuck in a food rut. When you are putting together a…

Well BeingIs skipping breakfast the right choice to lose weight?

You have probably heard the saying ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.’ But nowadays, it is also common to also hear of people…

FoodHow to calculate body fat percentage

Throughout your health and fitness journey, you have probably heard other people discussing their body fat percentage and what they want it…

FoodWhat to eat after a HIIT workout

When it comes to what to eat after HIIT, it is important to eat appropriately to replace your energy stores.

FoodWhat is the 80/20 rule diet and how does it work?

What is the most popular reason for a diet not working out, you might ask? When someone simply does not stick to it! Rigid, limiting diets…

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