15 February 2021

Does Stevia Cause Weight Gain?

When it comes to gaining weight, there are tons of myths out there about what causes you to gain weight. One of the rumors out there is that stevia is one of those items that can cause weight gain. Is this true or not? That is what most people want to know since stevia is considered a healthy alternative to eating sugar.

Does stevia cause weight gain?

For those who use a lot of artificial sweeteners like stevia, they may find that they do gain weight. Why is this? Because they often overdo it because they think that this artificial sweetener is better for them, thus they can eat more. However, the FDA recognizes stevia as being safe for human consumption. The key, as it is with anything, is moderation.

What are the negative effects of stevia?

When recent studies have been done on stevia, there is a remarkable finding in that this can increase belly fat in some people. This is the major negative effect of using this sweetener. However, it should be noted that this study found that this weight gain was in situations in which stevia was being used as a sugar substitute without moderation playing any role in this. Other negative effects of using stevia including that this can interfere with the endocrine system. Those who eat a lot of stevia often have higher levels of progesterone than what is normally found. It can also result in lower blood pressure. For those who suffer with high blood pressure this can be a benefit, however, for those who are already dealing with low blood pressure, this can be a huge issue.

Those who consume stevia over a long period of time may find that they suffer from low blood sugar levels, and that they start to have kidney damage due to the growth of cysts.

What is the best sweetener for weight loss?

For those who are looking to lose weight but still need a sweetener, they are going to find that stevia is still considered one of the top choices, despite many people having side effects. For those who are looking for a more natural way to sweeten foods, then you can go with maple syrup, honey, agave and other natural products. These items may have a different taste than sugar, but in the long run they can be better for you when used in moderation.

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