5 March 2020

Weight Gain After 40: What You Need to Know

When you reach the age of 40, you  may notice that several things change. You may notice that your hair is not as healthy as it once was, and you may even notice that even with working out and eating right, you are not losing weight. For those who are not as active, they may find that once they hit the age of 40, they start to gain weight. What do you need to know about weight gain after 40?

Hormones and Weight Gain After 40

Once you hit the age of 40, you are going to find that your hormones are not the same as they were at the age of 20 or even in your 30’s. Hormones play a huge role in your health and they are often responsible for weight gain or weight loss. For women, they may find that they are getting closer and closer to menopause, which means their hormones are going crazy in their bodies. This is going to affect your metabolism, among other things. Those who are over 40, including men, often find that their metabolism is nonexistent. It slows down, making it easier to gain weight. In fact, many people in this age bracket often find that they look in the mirror and one day it seems that they have gained 30 pounds overnight.

For men, this is when testosterone starts to lower, and they may find that they lack energy. This lack of energy can make it easier to avoid workouts, to feel hungry and eat more, resulting in packing on more pounds.

What most people do not realize is that hormones are more times than not to blame for weight gain after 40. But, you can fight against this norm!

Is It Possible to Lose Weight?

While we often talk about weight gain after 40 because this is what most people are focused on, it is important to note that while weight gain happens, you can still lose weight when you hit the age of 40. It simply means adjusting your diet and your workout routine to fit into the body that you have now. The idea that once you hit 40 you cannot lose weight is one that is false, and is often believed by those who are in this position.

For those over 40, don’t think that the weight gain you have is permanent, you can control this with hard work and time.

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