19 December 2020

What Does a 1000 Calorie Diet Look Like?

There are several diets out there that people are ready to try. And one of these is the 1000 calorie diet. However, what does it look like? And most importantly, is this a healthy option for you?

1000 Calorie Meal Plan

When you are going on a 1000 calorie meal plan, you will want to make sure that you are eating low calorie foods that are rich in proteins and fiber. Here is just a suggested breakfast, lunch and dinner options that can be included on this diet:


  1. Cup of oatmeal with half an apple, and a cup of black coffee
  2. Cup of low fat yogurt with a half cup of berries and a cup of unsweet green tea
  3. 2 boiled egg whites, cup of vegetable mix and glass of orange juice


  1. Two cups of vegetable soup and a slice of whole what bread
  2. One roll with a half cup of tuna and cup of salad
  3. One scrambled egg, slice of cheddar cheese on whole wheat toast


  1. Cup of chicken and rice stir fry, half cup of peas and a cup of unsweetened herbal tea
  2. Half a cooked chicken breast, vegetable salad and a cup of herbal tea
  3. Half of a medium-sized fish, cup of roasted sweet potatoes, cup of steamed broccoli and a cup of herbal tea

What Does a 1000 Calorie Diet Look Like

The 1000 calorie diet is going to be limited on what you eat, as these are going to be small portions for you to eat. You may find yourself hungry throughout the day. But, the key is to eat your meals spaced evenly apart, while drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and to help with hunger.

Eating 1000 Calories a Day: Is it Healthy?

This is a drastic diet for people, but it can be healthy for those who are looking to lose a large amount of weight who are obese. Most people suggest that you are already thin then this diet is not going to be good for you, it would be more like starving yourself. The key is to realize that this is not a healthy lifestyle to keep for months and months unless a doctor suggests this for you. If you are considering this diet, be sure to talk with your doctor first to ensure there are no underlying health issues.

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