5 April 2019

How to stay motivated to work out

You probably have felt yourself dragging your feet on your way to the gym or exercise class at some point. For many people, figuring out how to get and stay motivated to workout is one of the hardest parts about exercising. If this sounds like you, read on to feel inspired and read our guide about staying motivated to work out.

5 Tips to stay motivated to work out

1. Remember why you started

Of all the self-motivation techniques for exercise, this one is the most important! Consider why you started with your exercise regime and what pure motivation was. Did you want to feel strong? Improve your health? Feel confident for an upcoming trip? Make a lifestyle shift? Whatever it may have been, write it down and keep that with you. Read it before a workout or when you need that extra bit of inspiration. If you are working out ‘just because’, you are less inclined to hold yourself accountable and stay consistent. So be specific!

2. Keep track of the results

When you physically see the progress you have made, staying motivated to work out will be much easier. After all, with all the hard work you put in, you want to get something out of it! Keep track of your results with before/during/after photos, measurements, a log of how you feel in your own body, or some method that makes you proud of yourself and inspired to continue.

3. Make it fun (do it with a friend or find an original gym class)

If you make working out fun, it can be a part of your day that you look forward to. Find a workout buddy that: you have fun with, motivates you, cheers you on, and holds you accountable. Together you can do a workout routine, try out an exercise class, or even do individual workouts, and cheer each other on as you go. If you make working out a social activity, it will energize you very differently than doing it solo would.

4. Think of how you will feel good after working out

Don’t you just feel good after a workout? If you need some motivation to get moving, try writing down how you feel afterwards one day so you can look back on it when you need that extra encouragement.

5. Set progressive goals and rewards

While you work out, working towards something will help you want to keep moving forward. Set progressive goals so you get those ‘wins’ and a sense of accomplishment. It helps to have these as you work towards your main goal of why you started working out in the first place.

Also, consider rewarding yourself for meeting those goals! For example, if one of your goals is to workout 5x/week for 3 months straight, reward yourself with some new workout gear, a pair of earphones for the gym, or even treat yourself to a day at a spa.

Tip: Whatever your reward may be, print out a photo of it and keep it somewhere you will constantly see. Now that is a visual source of motivation.

As you continue with your journey, hold on to the mindset of ‘feeling happy and healthy’ and using movement and exercise to help you feel that way. Whatever your motivation and fitness journey may look like, feeling happy and healthy is the most important!

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