25 September 2020

30-Minute Workout for Beginners

If you are new to fitness training or getting back on the wagon after a while, you want to ease your body into it. This low-impact 30-minute workout for beginners is just what you need to jumpstart your metabolism and get the entire body active.

Are 30 Minutes of Exercise Enough?

Perhaps you don’t have much time left for exercise within your busy schedule, or simply can’t see yourself going on for hours. But you are wondering whether 30 minutes would be enough. Well, you might be glad to know that’s all it takes! Why?

Because that is all you need to start experiencing the benefits of exercise. According to the ODPHP (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion), 150 minutes of exercise a week is adequate to impact your health positively. This figure could be broken down to 30 minutes every day, five days a week.

However, you also stand to benefit more with increased hours of effective workout routines.

30-Minute Workout for Beginners: Our Choice

There are so many exercises and routines you can do in 30 minutes. Most are effective and would be okay, so long as you are comfortable with the training. Here’s our top choice of 12 exercises that cover everything from warm-up to cooling down in just half an hour.

Warm-Up - 2 Rounds of:

  • Sit-ups (25x): to strengthen your core, bulk up your abdominal muscles, and tighten your stomach.
  • Superman raises (15x): for reinforced upper and lower back as well as increased overall core strength.

3 Rounds of:

  • Glute bridges (24x): as you feel the burn in your hamstrings and glutes, your hip’s ROM improves and your lower back becomes stronger.
  • Bicycles (50x): for increased cardiovascular health, muscle strength, bone strength, flexibility, joint mobility, reduced body fat, lower stress levels, and better posture. Alternatively, you can also skip a rope, perform the wrestler’s squat, or one-leg bridge changeovers.
  • Crossbody Crunches (50x): for increased core strength as well as stability. It also helps you lose belly fat and sculpt your waist.
  • Plank (20x): to help improve your posture by adding strength to your shoulders, neck, chest, abs, and back.

Cool Down – 2 Rounds of:

  • Lying Glute Stretch (30x): helps relieve the tightness and tension that builds up in your muscles. It may also alleviate discomfort in your lower back and hips.
  • Snake stretch (15x): also known as cobra pose, it reduces stiffness in your lower back, increases flexibility, elevates your mood, tightens and tones your buttocks, and reinforces your arms as well as shoulders.
  • Child pose (15x): for decrease tension in the shoulders, chest and back, decreased stress and anxiety, and spine health.

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