26 April 2020

5 Gym Machines Explained

For those who go to the gym, the number of machines that they have can be daunting. How do you use them? What muscles do they help workout? Are they a machine that you should put into your routine? While many gyms will offer personal trainers to help go through these machines, here are five common machines that you will see that are great for your everyday workout routine.

Ab Crunch Machine

The Ab Crunch Machine is great for your abs! It makes it easier and offers more resistance than  regular sit-up, getting you the abdominal muscles that you have always wanted. With this machine, you are in a sitting positing, and then use the handles above you to crunch into yourself. You can adjust the weight of the machine to add or decrease the resistance for the motion.

Leg Press Machines

A leg press machine uses both legs at the same time, so it makes it a time saving machine for those who are working their leg muscles! You will sit on the machine, then place both feet flat onto the plate that is about chest level. You will be slightly reclined while doing this machine. Then push with both your legs, putting these legs out stretch and then release. You will adjust the weight to make it more comfortable for you and to reach your goals.

Calf Raise Machines

There are several different versions of a calf raise machine, however, the most common is the standing calf raise machine. With this machine, you stand up on your toes and your heels are suspended in the air. You fit your shoulders to the pads in front of you, the weight is going to be resting on your shoulders. Then you simply raise your body via the calves so that they are extended, then lower back down to your heels.

Leg Extension Machine

A leg extension machine is going to work the entire leg. You sit down, and place your legs under the weight in front of you, adjust as needed. Then you slowly lift both your legs and hold the weight, then lower again. There are other versions of this machine that use one leg at a time, and both are sufficient in working the leg muscles.

Chest Press Machine

A chest press machine is going to work the chest muscles and arm muscles. With this machine, you often sit with your back strategist, your feet flat on the floor, and then grab the separate hand grips and push out. You are not laying down for this machine, but are still working the entire chest area and arms.

Image by Andre Mcenroe from Pixabay

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