27 January 2021

Great Leg Workouts for Women

When it comes to leg workouts, women often want something that is more geared towards them. A lot of leg workouts are geared towards men who want to build those quads as a way to be able to lift more. Women often want more shapely and defined legs. The good news is that it is an easy remedy as there are tons of great let workouts for women that are going to give you those legs that are not only strong but look amazing!

How to Get Toned Legs: The Best Exercises

The key to getting toned legs is to do the best exercises out there for women and their legs. And you will find that some everyday exercises that you may be doing for exercise like biking, cycling or even running can go a long way in toning your legs. However, for those who are wanting specific exercises, we have several that you can add into your workout routine!

1. Pivoting Curtsy Lunge

Standing with your feet about hip-width apart, step your right foot diagonally behind you like you are curtsying Bend both knees so that you go into the lunge stance. Tilt the torso about 30 degrees forward and go up and down for about 10 to 15 times. Then go to the left side and repeat these motions. You will find that doing 10 to 15 of these each time on each side will make one set, and try to aim for 3 sets total.

2. Low Lunge Hover

This is a standing move that not only tones the legs but also the butt! Stand with your feet hip width apart, then step back onto the right foot. Lower into a lunge stand with your left knee over your ankle. Bring your arms over your head and hinge forward from the waste. You will want to lower your chest until your arms are reaching forward. Then lift the right leg while straightening to stand on your left leg. Hold this for 3 breaths or 30 seconds, before going back to the starting position. Then repeat for the other leg. You will want to do 3 sets of these each workout.

3. Leg Lift

Have a chair in front of you, standing in front of it. Then rise your reg leg, keeping your arms to your side, and place your heel onto the seat. Try to avoid locking your knee on the standing leg to avoid pain later. Now, lift the heel of the foot on the chair up until your standing leg is engaged and holding your weight. Bend the standing leg slightly, and then straighten. Do this 10 to 15 times, and repeat with the other foot on the chair. Do 3 sets of these.

4. V-Position

For anyone familiar with ballet, then you probably know the plie. This is an exercise that is going to mimic these moves. You will want to have a chair to your side that you place your hand on. Place your feet into a V position. Then bend your knees and left the heels a few inches off the floor. Lower your hips and you feel the quads really working. Lower up and down for 10 times for one set. Do around 3 sets of these.

5. Standing Forward Bend

This works the quad muscles and many women find that this is a relaxing sort of stretch. Stand up with your feet hip width apart. Hinge forward at your hips and touch the floor in front of your feet. Make sure that you keep your head down and are not stressing the neck. Try to keep your legs as straight as possible and hold this for 5 to 8 slow, deep breaths.

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