20 November 2019

How to do Lunges: Explanation

In your quest to build a well-rounded physique, it’s important to factor in that you’ll need a decent set of wheels. No, we’re not talking about a flash car – what we mean is your legs! While the squat is an excellent compound exercise which works multiple muscle groups, the lunge is the perfect way to supplement your leg training days. But, just what are lunges? Essentially, the lunge exercise is a movement which targets both the quadriceps (thigh muscles) and the gluteus maximus (glutes/butt).

However, lunges also work other muscles within the lower body too. This includes the hamstrings, calves, and core muscles. When performed correctly and in conjunction with other legs exercises such as the previously mentioned squat, it’s possible to obtain serious lower body development if you perform lunges on a regular basis. Plus, it really is true what they say – you shouldn’t skip leg day if you want a proportional, defined physique!

The ABC of Lunge Exercise

If you’re in search of a guide on the proper way to do lunges, then you’ve just found it! So, read on and we’ll tell you exactly how to do lunges in the correct manner, so that you can obtain the maximum benefit of the lunge exercise.

If you’re a beginner, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s plain and simple to perform the movement. All you need to do is focus on an object which is directly in front of you. That way, you’ll know that your posture is correct and you’ll be able to maintain proper form by keeping your shoulders back and upper body straight. By doing this, you’ll also be less likely to get injured by performing the exercise incorrectly.

When you’ve mastered the form aspect of the lunge exercise, t lunge hen what you’ll need to do next is step forward with one leg – ensuring both of your knees are bent at 90 degrees, before returning to the starting position and then stepping forward with the opposite leg.

Once you become more advanced at lunges, it’s important to consider that eventually, you might reach a plateau. In anticipation of this, you could either increase the amount of reps you perform each set, do more sets, or even add weights into the equation if you’ve got access to them. Dumbbells or a barbell will both work well. Or, you could even improvise and use a heavy item you’ve got laying around the home!

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