16 December 2019

How to Do Tricep Dips at Home

Tricep dips are a fantastic exercise to perform if you’re looking to gain significant mass in your upper body. It’s an exercise that’s been around for centuries, and certainly doesn’t show any signs of disappearing any time soon!

When you perform tricep dips, you’ll be lifting the weight of your entire body. This makes tricep dips similar to the push up. However, the push up only involves you lifting part of your body weight. So, in that regard, the tricep dip has the edge.

While there’s dip machines and stations available in the gym, not every one has access to a gym - either there isn’t one nearby or perhaps it’s out of your budget. Whatever the reason, it’s possible to obtain dips exercise benefits without any equipment at all. So, if you’re looking to perform the dips exercise at home and don’t have access to any equipment then you’ll be happy to know that you can do just that!

How to do tricep dips at home

But, if you’re not sure how to do dips at home, there’s no need for you to worry – that’s exactly what you’re about to find out, as well as how to do tricep dips correctly! Essentially, what you need to do is find a flat, sturdy surface such as a chair. Then, with your arms resting on the edge of the chair, slowly lower your body down towards the ground before pushing yourself back up to the starting position with your arms fully straightened.

If you were wondering how many dips per day to perform, then a good starting point would be 3 sets of 10 repetitions per day. However, once you become more advanced, you can make the exercise more difficult by adding some form of weight and resting it on your thighs or adding weight to a backpack. If you don’t have access to weights, then you could simply increase the amount of sets you perform, the amount of reps you do, or both!

Benefits of Dips Exercise

In this section, we’ll look into the benefit of dips. Essentially, they’re an exercise which isolates the tricep muscles. So, when used in conjunction with other bodyweight exercises such as the push up, you’ll be able to obtain great results! They’re a great exercise to build strength in your upper body, which means you might just be able to improve your performance in other upper body exercises in the long run!

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