28 October 2019

Follow these tips and learn how to get toned fast

Perhaps you’ve got a big family wedding on the horizon, or you’ve just booked that dream holiday in the sun. Whatever the motivation, you want to get toned fast – but what’s the best program to follow to guarantee you get the results you’re looking for? Here's our short answer:

  • Choose the right clothes
  • Reduce the portion size
  • Follow full-body workouts
  • Walk wherever you can
  • Add some cardio (swimming, cycling, jogging)

How to get toned fast: Stylist toning tricks

For instant toning it’s all about disguise and distract. Your wardrobe and some simple make-up artist tricks will be your best friend in the race for the fastest way to get a toned appearance, tonight! For slimmer legs, pick your skirt length with care. The hem should cross your legs at their slimmest point above the knee – instantly creating the illusion of slimmer legs all the way to the top! The most flattering sleeve length is generally a three-quarter sleeve – pick a loose-hanging or sheer material for maximum diffusing effects.

Fake tan is another go-to staple of the toning trade. If the idea fills you with panic, go gradual. Mix a little tan in with a body lotion for a gentle glow, error-free. And apply a little extra down the shin bone for an enhanced toning effect. Similarly, a little bronzer blushed above your cheekbones and over the top of your forehead will slim your face.

Everything in proportion

Unless you’re blessed with a speedy metabolism, toning your body is going to involve toning down the portion size. An easy rule-of-thumb to ensure serve size isn’t getting in the way of your plan to get toned fast is to ensure that you never put on your plate more than would fit in your cupped hands at each meal. Chew slowly and fill up on fruit between meals.

Exercises for full body toning

Combined with a healthy diet, by following some simple exercise techniques you will be adopting the habits for a toned body for life. Make a basic commitment of one month before you judge – these tips are going to change your physique, but not overnight.

Get toned fast: final tips

Take a stroll around the park after work, walk wherever you can and stand instead of sitting whilst making phone calls for example. Try to build some cardio into your weekly routine – swimming, riding a bike or gentle jogging. Lastly, incorporate weight resistance training on a few days of the week. This doesn’t have to be all-out gym bunny stuff. Check out our article on calisthenics training for an easy-to-follow exercise routine that requires nothing but your own body weight to get toned, fast!

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