24 January 2021

Proper Squat Form: A Step-by-Step Guide

Squats are one of those exercises that many people use during their at-home workout. The reason being is that they can greatly benefit the body, they are simple enough to do at home, and they give a lot for a little exercise. With this being said, the problem is that many people are not doing a squat properly. And when you don’t do this properly, you are not getting all the benefits that these squats can offer.

The Benefits of Squats

There are several benefits to doing squats. You are going to find that these benefits include:

  • This exercises helps to strengthen the core making everyday movements that much easier and less stressful on your body.
  • Squat exercises help you to improve your circulation throughout the body.
  • Squats even help with your digestion.
  • That are a low-impact exercise so they are not going to strain the body, which makes them perfect for those who are just trying to get into shape and need exercise that is not going to hurt them.
  • They are easy to add into your exercise routine since they can be done anywhere

How to do a Squat with a Proper Form

The key to getting all the benefits that a squat can offer you is to make sure that you are doing this properly.

  1. Stand with your feet about hip-width apart, while also placing your hands on your hips.
  2. Stand p tall, pull your shoulders back gently and subtly lift your chest. On the exhale, you want to make sure that you are engaging your stomach muscles to help keep the spine and pelvis stable.
  3. Lower down, as if you are going to sit in a chair. While you bend, you need to keep your upper body as straight as possible. You can allow the torso to tilt naturally, but you don’t want to round your shoulder forward or collapse the chest. If you are not doing this properly, you will find that you could be putting a ton of strain on your knees. You are going to lower yourself as far you can get, going as deep as you can comfortable go. For those with knee issues, you want to avoid going deeper than 90-degree angle.
  4. Straight your legs and lift back up. Avoid locking your knees when you get back into the standing position. Try to remember that your heels should be “glued” to the floor, allowing your glutes to get even more emphasis when standing.

Start working out

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