How Many Squats to See Results?

4 December 2019


If you’re looking for the perfect all-round exercise to help yourself get fit and lean, squats are definitely the way forward. Known as a compound exercise, you’ll be working multiple muscle groups within the body at once – which is a perfect option if you’re short on time. You’ll feel squats working your thighs and glutes the most, although performing squats can lead to a stronger core when they’re performed regularly.

Benefits of Squat Exercise

Muscle growth isn’t the only benefit you’ll get from performing squats either. Like we’ve already mentioned, it is a compound exercise. So, this can really get the heart pumping and even lead to an increase in your metabolism – allowing you to burn calories at an increased rate throughout the day. You can even perform squats without weights too, meaning they’re the ideal exercise to perform any time, any place without the need for any equipment.

To obtain optimum results from performing squats, ensure you execute the move properly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve the maximum benefits from the exercise. To perform squats properly, ensure your feet remain firmly on the ground and push through the heel instead of the ball of your foot. That way, you’ll be able to feel full contraction in your glutes. The more repetitions you perform, the more likely you’ll be able to feel the burn in your glutes if you execute the move with a full range of motion.

Results of Doing Squats For 30 Days

If you were hoping to find out how many squats to see results, you’ll find out just that in this section. In terms of the results of doing squats for 30 days, for starters, it’s going to be a true challenge. However, 100 squats a day results in an optimal amount of reps per day if you can work your way up to this. If you’re a beginner, it’s probably best to start with less reps first to get you used to the move, then you can work your way up gradually as you become more advanced at the move.

Going above this, you might just be doing more than your body can handle – you need to give your body time to recover. If you’re willing to go a step further though, you could even perform jump squats as an alternative or add a few reps of the exercise in to mix things up a little!

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