30 July 2019

The best home exercise equipment for beginners

For an efficient workout, a lot of equipment is not required. If you are just starting out with an exercise regime and want to build out a home gym, you may be wondering ‘what is the best home exercise equipment for beginners?’

Home exercise equipment for beginners: 4 tips

Let’s go on to learn a few additions that can help you reach your fitness goals.

1. Beginner workout equipment: exercise mat

A no-slip exercise mat is a great place to start for beginner workout equipment. It can be used for stretching, practicing yoga, and simply to prevent slipping during exercises. Especially if your floors at home do not have that much cushion, a mat can also make working out at home a lot more comfortable.

2. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are one of the cheapest home training equipment, easy to bring with you as you travel, and they help to really activate muscle groups depending on where you place the band.

You can place them around your ankles, knees or quads to boost exercises such as squats or banded walks.

3. Medicine ball: the beginner workout equipment you can’t miss

A medicine ball can be used to stabilize you during exercises and also aid in stretching your abs. When you are a beginner, it is common to not feel quite as stable or confident in exercises yet, such as with wall squats. For a wall squat, you can use a medicine ball behind your lower back to stabilize your back, and then you can engage your core and gently press into the medicine ball as you squat.

Using a medicine ball can help to prevent injury and also to help you learn and build confidence in using the proper form for at-home exercises.

Home training equipment: start with a weighted jump rope

As a beginner, you have so many different exercise styles to try out. If you like to do something more on the fun side, a weighted jump rope is a great place to start with equipment. Unless you have a safe space to jump rope in your home, most jump rope outside in the sunshine, which can already make this workout feel more like ‘play’.

A weighted jump rope, in particular, is recommended for beginners because it gives a slower rotation.


A set of quality dumbbells offers you the ability to do a variety of strength training for biceps or triceps, whether you are aiming to tone or to build muscle. You can buy a set that enables you to choose the weight on a sliding scale, or simply start out with a light pair (or two) that feels comfortable to hold.

Tip: Before starting with any at-home exercises that require dumbbells, it is recommended to run through a workout sequence without dumbbells so your muscles get used to the movement before adding in weights.

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