12 August 2020

Mini Workouts: Are They Effective?

Right now, many people who are working from home are finding that mini workouts are one of the solutions that is being offered to those who are needing to stay healthy and fit while still maintaining their work. Let's discover their benefits and a mini workout you can do at home.

Mini workouts throughout the day

For those who feel like they cannot devote the time to a huge workout every day or every other day, mini workouts are often touted as being the solution. And you will find that they can definitely be something that benefits you, especially if you are trying to find a way to workout from home or to increase your activity level throughout the day. Increased focus and less stress are just a couple of the benefits you can get.

The Benefits of a Mini Workout

New studies are showing that having small 10 minute workouts throughout the day are just as beneficial as if you were to workout for an hour at a time. Other studies found that men and women both can benefit from these small exercise routines for 10 minutes or so. However, in order for this to be beneficial to a person they must make sure that the mini workouts are moderate to vigorous in terms of intensity to get the same benefit. So, aside from being just as effective as an hour workout, what are the other benefits of a mini workout?

  1. This has been shown to increase a person’s focus. This can help to heighten your memory, increase your creativity and help you to focus even more.
  2. Stress is something that we all deal with. However, mini workouts throughout the day can really help to lessen the stress throughout the day.
  3. Uplifts the mood: Whenever you exercise, endorphins are released which help you feel more happier and more euphoric. Imagine getting this throughout the day rather than just with a one hour workout per day?
  4. It can boost your self-confidence just like regular exercise routines, since you are working on yourself, you are going to notice a difference in how you feel and how you look.

These mini workouts are super easy to fit into your schedule. Consider this, you could decide to take an hour lunch, but instead use 10 minutes of this to workout. Have ten minutes before a Zoom meeting starts? Then get in a small mini workout.

Good Short Workouts To Do At Home

While you are trying to integrate a mini workout into your daily life, there are several different exercise that you can do throughout the day that is going to give you the same benefit as if you were to workout for an hour at a time. You will find that you need to do each of these exercises for three rounds for the number of times that are listed in order to get the full benefit of this. Here are some mini exercises to include in your routine:

  1. Superman raises: Do these 14 times to equal one rep
  2. Glute bridges: 14 of these will equal one repetition
  3. Sit-ups: Do 15 of these for one repetition
  4. Prisoner squats: 15 will equal one rep

For those who have a few minutes to spare, they can do a 15 minute workout that will consist of three rounds of:

  1. Abdominal cocoons: 20 of these will equal one rep
  2. High Knees: Do 40 of these for one rep
  3. Glute bridges: 20 of these will equal one rep
  4. Incline push ups: Do 20 of these for one rep

This does not seem like that much of a workout. However, remember you need to keep up the pace while doing this and make it to where you are really starting to sweat.

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