Exercise is what helps you to get more fit, to have more energy, to look better and ultimately feel better.

For those who are looking to exercise at home, we have tons of fitness routines that are going to work your entire body. We even have those exercise plans that you can that are targeting certain areas of the body such as you back, ab or core to strengthen these.

FitnessHow to Develop Your Abs

One of the biggest fitness goals of most people is to get defined abs. Not only do they make you look more in shape, but they can elicit a…

FitnessHow Many Squats to See Results?

If you’re looking for the perfect all-round exercise to help yourself get fit and lean, squats are definitely the way forward.

FitnessBridge Exercise: How to Do A Full Bridge

The **bridge exercise** is a movement which, when performed correctly, is a great way to tone the lower body, for both men and women alike.

FoodHow to Create a Meal Plan

The primary goal of a workout and meal plan is to lose fat and build muscles. When creating a meal plan you need to ensure that your body…

FitnessHow to do Lunges: Explanation

In your quest to build a well-rounded physique, it’s important to factor in that you’ll need a decent set of wheels. No, we’re not talking…

FitnessHow 30 Day Fitness Works

The 30 Day Fitness app has it all when it comes to home workout plans, whether you want a fitness model workout, men’s fitness workouts…

FitnessKnee Pain When Squatting: What Does it Mean?

The squat is undoubtedly an exercise which should form part of your regular workout plan. After all, it is a compound exercise, or in other…

Well BeingHow to lose weight after menopause

Many women find weight loss a challenge after menopause. Considering the hormone changes (including a drop in estrogen), slower metabolism…

Well Being5 tips to stay fit after 50

If you are in your 50’s, you may be wondering how to stay fit and healthy after 50. After all, it is a time when it is natural for adults to…

FitnessIs Pilates good for weight loss? Here’s the answer

Pilates has become a popular form of exercise in recent years and you might be wondering ‘is Pilates good for weight loss?’ Let’s first…

FitnessCan walking help you lose weight? Let’s find out

Have you ever gotten back from a walk and felt a bit out of breath or as if you just got in a proper cardio workout? Especially if you are…

FitnessThe best home exercise equipment for beginners

For an efficient workout, a lot of equipment is not required. If you are just starting out with an exercise regime and want to build out a…

FitnessThe best muscle groups to work together

If you are starting out with or wanting to improve your strength training, you are probably wondering ‘what are the best muscle groups to…

FitnessExercises that burn the most calories at home

You may be wondering, ‘what exercise burns the most calories at home?’. Here's the full list.

FoodWhat to eat before a hike to gain energy

If you love to be out in nature while you get in a proper workout, hiking is a great option. Before you head out into nature, it does…

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