Fitness & Lifestyle Blog: 30 Days and Beyond

30 Day Fitness Challenge is not just an app, it’s a lifestyle, a way to test yourself every day to get a healthier body.

In our blog you will find tips about fitness, nutrition and well-being to transform your body and lead a healthier lifestyle. Take care of yourself 30 Days and Beyond!

FitnessHow to get rid of love handles: 10 tips

Even with all the body positivity, sometimes there are just times when someone may not love his or her love handles. So if you have ever…

Well BeingHow to stay healthy while traveling

Have you ever been on a trip where you have felt a bit under the weather or lethargic and thought to yourself, ‘wow, there has to be…

Fitness5 CrossFit ab exercises without equipment

You have probably heard of or seen people doing CrossFit workouts, and if you want to start out with CrossFit, you have most likely wondered…

Well BeingFeeling tired all the time? Here are the common causes

Have you been asking yourself, ‘Why do I feel tired all the time?’ Feeling tired and sleepy all the time is not conducive to living your…

FoodWhat foods are high in cholesterol?

You have surely heard talk about how important it is to be mindful how much cholesterol you consume, and you are probably wondering ‘what…

FitnessHIIT Treadmill workout: how it works

Do you enjoy working out on the treadmill and wonder what it may be like to try a HIIT treadmill workout, but are unsure of exactly how it works?

Well BeingHow to deal with Monday blues

Oh, Mondays. When Monday, or even Sunday, rolls around are you all too familiar with the Monday blues? If you have experienced Monday blues…

FitnessAb stretches: 4 ways to stretch your abs easily

Ab stretches are absolutely necessary as you workout, as they help to build and stabilize your core muscles.

Well Being5 Benefits a morning walk has on your mind and body

Do you like the idea of a morning walk but need a little motivation to get out there and do it? A morning walk is a great way to start your…

Fitness10-minute bubble butt workout to do at home

You have probably focused on or seen other people focusing on their glutes at the gym. Have you either thought to yourself, ‘what are some…

Well Being4 effective post-partum core exercises

After delivery, one of the common questions that is asked by women is ‘how can I strengthen my core again?’ According to Jackie Stone, MD…

Well BeingHow to fall asleep fast: 5 tips

Have you found yourself tossing and turning at night, unable to fall asleep? If you are wondering how to fall asleep fast, read on to…

FitnessSit-ups vs. crunches: what is the difference?

If you are thinking whether you’d like to add sit-ups or crunches to your routine, let’s go on to explore what each exercise entails

FoodHow to calculate body fat percentage

Throughout your health and fitness journey, you have probably heard other people discussing their body fat percentage and what they want it…

Fitness30 minute Pilates workout at home

If you are a Pilates lover, you have probably wished at one time or another that you could make it to more classes or that you could ‘take…

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