Fitness: Tips and Plans

Getting the latest fitness news and fitness tips is important to your overall health plan!

Here you will find training, ideas for fitness classes and even a training plan that is going to ensure you have all the information at your fingertips to kick start a new fitness plan or to enhance the current fitness plan that you are using.

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There are three upper chest exercises that really stand out as must-haves in any upper body routine.

FitnessHow Many Calories do Jump Jacks Burn?

Jumping jacks burn calories, making them ideal for weight loss as well. But how many calories do you burn doing Jumping jacks?

FitnessAfterburn Effect: What is it?

What is the afterburn effect? How does it occur? Check out everything that you need to know about this term.

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Progressive overload is a tenet by which all trainers and coaches live. Find out more!

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Everyone knows that exercise is essential for weight loss, but it's hard to find the time to train.

FitnessThis App Helps to Relieve Stress While Getting Fit

No matter their age, level of fitness, or schedule, anyone can reduce stress through exercise.

FitnessThe Best Strength Training App For Athletes

Building strength and stamina goes hand-in-hand with improving your skills. Read more on 30 Day Fitness!

Fitness A Guide To Gym Equipment: The Weight Of The Barbell

We’re going to give you a complete guide as to the different types of weight bar and their weights.

FitnessGroin Muscle Stretches to Improve Your Flexibility

Why are groin stretches so important for a person to be including in their workout? Find out more!

FitnessCalf Slimming Exercises: Exercises for Thinner Lower Legs

To get slimmer, toned looking calves, there are two things you can do. Read more!

FitnessHow to Get Rid of Bat Wings: Get Well-Defined Arms

This article will explore what sagging underarms aka Batwings are and offer a few simple exercises you can try out to get rid of batwings.

FitnessPlump Stomach Can Be Fixed With a Fitness App

The search for the best way to lose belly fat seems to be constant and endless. 30-Day Fitness is among the top fitness apps and it can help you with this in many ways.

FitnessHow Many Calories Does 100 Push Ups Burn?

Those who do push ups often think about this is building up their muscles. They often don’t consider that push ups do help you to burn calories.

FitnessThe App to Get Fit—Not Fat—This Christmas (and Five Festive Fitness Tips)

You will learn about the best home workout app that will be your best friend during the holiday festivities and give you some excellent workouts to do at home.

Fitness12 Week Workout Plan to Tone Your Whole Body

A 12 week workout plan is going to be a great option for those who are ready to change their lives for the better.

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